Tips For Arranging Gardens In Apartments

Farming in residential areas has now become part of the lifestyle of urban residents. Farming in residential areas not only provides more oxygen for the living environment, but there are many other benefits that can be obtained, such as reducing stress levels and suppressing the adverse effects of global warming.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find housing that has vacant land for farming. Especially if you live in vertical housing such as condominiums or flats. Don’t be pessimistic just yet, it turns out that there are ways you can try to arrange a garden on the balcony of the apartment or even in the room.

1. Determine the desired type of garden

There are many types of plants that you can choose when you want to design a garden. For example, you want to arrange succulent or flower pots on a shelf, or you want to create an urban farming garden with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Determine the type of plants that you want to arrange specifically so that you don’t have trouble caring for them together.

2. Choose plants based on light intake

Living in an apartment means you have limited light intake to organize your garden. So , before choosing a particular type of plant, it’s a good idea to place the plant near a window so that you get enough light from the reflection of the glass.

3. Choose a unique plant pot or container design

Living in a narrow dwelling makes every piece of furniture and accessories have to look attractive. No exception with the collection of plants that you will add. By choosing a unique design of pots and containers, their presence will add value to the decoration of the room.

You can decorate pots painted in gradient colors or give beautiful painting motifs.

4. Know when to change the pot

To keep your plant thriving, replace the pot with a larger size at least once a year. This will prevent the roots from growing too long. In addition, your plants can look fresher after getting a wider ‘space’.

5. Hide the soil in the pot

Worried that the soil in the messy pot spoils the aesthetics of the interior of your studio unit? You can hide the soil with colored gravel or cover it with specially designed containers.

6. Don’t have much time? Try air plants

There are many tools that you must prepare to arrange the garden. Starting from the soil, fertilizer, and plant sprinklers. If you don’t want to be preoccupied with this garden, try choosing the types of plants with air media.

Besides being cheap, this plant does not require great care. Hanging on the ceiling to sweeten the room while purifying the air.

7. Don’t give up!

If you are new to gardening, the leaves on your potted plants may appear yellow or black. Before giving up, check your intake of light, humidity, and exposure.

6 Steps to Make a Garden in an Apartment

Don’t let the limited outdoor area prevent you from having a green garden in your apartment. Starting from fruit, vegetable and flower plants, you can create a garden in an apartment even though the area is very limited.

How large is the area for the garden?
Even though the area you have is very limited, you can still create a garden in the apartment. You can even turn the window area into a beautiful little garden.

Take another look at your apartment. Is there an area where you can place or hang plants? You can use vertical areas for this purpose.

Sometimes people pay little attention to how much sunlight a room gets. Buildings or walls can interfere with the sunlight that space receives. You need to make sure how many hours the sun shines on the place you want to make a garden in the apartment.

Choose the plants you want to grow
If the garden area in the apartment is not large, you need to limit the plants you choose. Start by growing vegetables that you love to eat and which you can hardly find on the market. You can plant tomatoes, kale, or chilies.

Creating a flower garden can be more difficult. Start with a color that you like. Instead of obsessing over creating a flower garden like the photos you see in magazines, choose flowers that grow well in your area.

Plant pots and containers
There are many variations of plant containers that you can create and you can place in the apartment area. You can use a plastic container with a hole in the bottom to drain the remaining water. What you need next is soil, plant seeds, water, and sunlight.

Water plants
To keep your plants alive and well, water them regularly. Find out how often you need to water the type of plant you have. You can even water it not with clean water, but with rice washing water so that the plants thrive.

Choose the right accessories for the garden in the apartment
To make your garden more beautiful, decorate it with attractive accessories. You can add lights that highlight the plants.

Even though it is in a narrow area, your artificial garden can be a spot that adds a comfortable atmosphere to the apartment.

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