Magnolia Varieties

Magnolia Varieties. Magnolias are as versatile as they are beautiful, making it easy to find one that suits your growing conditions. Prune in summer when the leaves are present.

32 Different Types Of Magnolias - Home Stratosphere
32 Different Types Of Magnolias – Home Stratosphere from

A pink magnolia tree is one of the most gorgeous species that nature has to offer.however, one can say the same thing about other types of magnolia trees as well. They have white, purple or pink flowers and they love being exposed to the sun. Magnolia leaves are glossy, green, leathery leaves that are an ovate or lanceolate shape.

The Color Is Light Pink.

25 to 50 feet, occasionally 75 feet with very. This tree grows to around 7m tall to 3 m wide, making it a great screening option as well. The leaves on magnolia trees have a simple, alternate arrangement on woody stems.

Magnolia Is A Large Genus Of About 210 To 340 Flowering Plant Species In The Subfamily Magnolioideae Of The Family Magnoliaceae.

The number of petals more than 30! Magnolia jane platt is a beautiful variety whose main advantage is very fluffy flowers. A guide to the most popular varieties 1.

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It is a hybrid magnolia, and its parents are the lily magnolia and the yulan magnolia. Southern magnolia trees can grow up to 80 feet tall and will spread around 40 feet when fully matured so they make excellent shade trees. Some varieties have double blossoms.

In The Tenth Edition Of Systema Naturae (1759), He Merged Grisea With Glauca, And Raised The Four Remaining Varieties To Species Status.

It has bright green, glossy leaves that extend about 2 feet. Or as attractive focal point specimens. Prune in summer when the leaves are present.

Ranging From Large Trees To More Compact Shrubs, Slow Growers To The Ones That Mature More Quickly, Evergreen To Deciduous, A Magnolia Tree In Bloom Creates An Impressive Focal Point Blessed With (Often).

The deciduous types are varied, a number of species and numerous cultivars. The autumn foliage is yellow, whereas the summer foliage is bright. Nearly all evergreen types are cultivars of magnolia grandiflora.

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